Dora F.
Dora F.
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Star Jars have made mornings so much easier in our household. There’s no more nagging – just the sound of stars plopping into the jars as we get ready to leave home for the day! Thank you, @starjarofficial!
Irene Y.
Irene Y.
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Thomas loves using his Star Jar, especially when the final star goes in! It’s also helped me focus on the good things he’s doing too! Thank you Star Jar – you’re a sanity saver!!
Jo H.
Jo H.
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Star Jar has been amazing for toilet training my son. We tried every tip, trick and bribe and this is the only thing that has worked. After 2 weeks our son was 100% toilet trained. Now that the jar is nearly full I will be sure to use it for other challenges ahead of me 🙂
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I have noticed such a huge difference in my girls behaviour since using our star jars! Absolute life changer 🙌🏻

The Cosmic Star Jar Reward Jar System



The Cosmic Star Jar reward system. A reusable acrylic reward jar that helps you acknowledge good behaviour in your children by reinforcing positive behaviour.

Includes: 1x acrylic ‘Star Jar’, 1x acrylic stand, 20x acrylic stars in a mix of Green, Blue, and Yellow, 1x travel carry bag


Vinyl sticker in beautiful gold lettering.
Please double check to ensure spelling is correct.

Add “Special Gold Stars” for those extra special moments!

Add an extra Star Jar stand


The Cosmic Star Jar reward system.

This is our Cosmic Star Jar – created for little ones who are enchanted by the blues, greens and yellows of the universe!

The Star Jar helps you acknowledge good behaviour in your children by creating good habits and reinforcing positive behaviour.

It keeps us all working towards a more consistent household and resulting in a much less stressed Mum and Dad.

Each time your child does something desirable, they earn a star to pop into the jar. Once they reach the top they get a prize or reward that they’ve been building up to. It’s important that you involve your little one in choosing the prize so its something they really want.

Our Star Jars are based on engaging their senses so it keeps your little ones interested over and over again – Visual (colourful stars they can see building up), Tactile (star shaped tokens to pick up and put into the Star Jar), Audible (the stars make a great sound when dropped in).

How It Works – 3 Steps

  1. Set a reward, something that your child really wants like a particular toy or a fun outing
  2. Each time your child does something desirable, they get to put a star in the jar!
  3. Once they reach the top, they get the reward they’ve been working up to

What’s Included

Each Cosmic Star Jar comes with:

  • 1x acrylic ‘Star Jar’
  • 1x acrylic stand
  • 20x acrylic stars in a mix of Green, Blue and Yellow
  • 1x travel carry bag

** Give your Star Jar that extra special touch by adding your little one’s name in beautiful gold lettering or add some sparkling gold stars to reward those extra special moments!

What It Can Do For You

As parents, the Star Jar can help refocus our attention on the good behaviours our little ones are doing rather than the negative.

It serves as a visual reminder of how well they have been behaving and making us take note.

It is up to us to keep an eye out for the “star worthy” behaviour our little one is doing and rewarding them for doing it.

What Can You Use It For?

In the home, the Star Jar can help with toilet training, toilet consistency, trying new foods, eating meals, overall good behaviour, nighttime routines, being nice to siblings and more.

In the classrooms, it can be used in a group or class setting to help with team goals and working together. Other popular uses include fine motor skills activities for counting or colour recognition.

Get creative! Its uses are limited by your imagination – tailor it to make it work for your family and set them up for success!

Fun Features

  • Bright & colourful – keeps kids interested!
  • Tactile and easy for little hands to use
  • Makes a nice sound when stars drop for auditory reinforcement
  • Stars bounce around the bottom when dropped in
  • You can write on the stars with a whiteboard marker
  • Take it with you when you travel
  • Reusable over and over

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: “Star Jar” is not a toy, it is a parenting tool. Adult supervision should be given at all times when children are interacting with the product. Please keep out of reach of children.

Additional information

Ribbon Colour

Deep Blue, Gold, Green


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