The Star Jar Reward System

Acknowledge good behaviour and create good habits with a unique and fun system that your child will love.

  1. Set a reward, something your child REALLY wants
  2. When your child does something good, they put a star in the jar
  3. Once they reach the top, they get the reward!

As parents we know that rewarding our kids is much more effective than bribery or punishment. The Star Jar Reward System keeps us all working towards a more harmonious household, creating a loving, effective environment for your little learner and a much less stressed Mum and Dad.

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Star Jar Reward Jar
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I have noticed such a huge difference in my girls behaviour since using our star jars! Absolute life changer 🙌🏻
Irene Y.
Irene Y.
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Thomas loves using his Star Jar, especially when the final star goes in! It’s also helped me focus on the good things he’s doing too! Thank you Star Jar – you’re a sanity saver!!
Dora F.
Dora F.
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Star Jars have made mornings so much easier in our household. There’s no more nagging – just the sound of stars plopping into the jars as we get ready to leave home for the day! Thank you, @starjarofficial!
Jo H.
Jo H.
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Star Jar has been amazing for toilet training my son. We tried every tip, trick and bribe and this is the only thing that has worked. After 2 weeks our son was 100% toilet trained. Now that the jar is nearly full I will be sure to use it for other challenges ahead of me 🙂

Reward System For Kids

The ‘Star Jar’ is a reward system that helps parents of children aged 3 to 8 acknowledge good behaviour in their children by creating good habits and reinforcing positive behaviour.

Better Than A Behaviour Chart

The concept is simple and easy for kids to grasp. Each time your child does something desirable, they get to put a star into the jar. Once they reach the top they get a prize or reward that they’ve been building up to.

Our Star Jars are colourful, reusable, tactile and make a great sound when the stars drop in so it keeps your little ones interested.

Why Do I Need A Star Jar?

There’s a number of benefits to using a Star Jar compared to chore charts, complicated points systems, or sticker charts.

  1. It’s bright & colourful which keeps kids interested
  2. It’s tactile and easy for little hands to use
  3. Makes a nice sound when stars drop for auditory reinforcement
  4. You can write on the stars with a whiteboard marker
  5. You can take it with you when you travel with the handy carry bag
  6. And it’s easy to clean and most importantly reusable

Kids love the Star Jar because it’s such a simple and fun concept.

Parents love the Star Jar because it helps them focus on reinforcing positive behaviours versus looking at the negatives all the time.

Star Jar Reward Jar With Stand And Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Star Jar and it’s stars are made from acrylic, not wood so they’re strong, reusable, washable, colourful, tactile and audible. The rounded colourful Stars provide visual and tactile engagement as well as making a satisfying audible noise when dropped into the Star Jar.

It’s only limited by your imagination! Some popular examples they can be used for are to help with toilet training, meal time eating, morning routines, treating others nicely, general good behaviour, homework time and household chores.

Star Jar is colourful, tactile, and most of all easy for little minds to grasp.

Reward charts take some explaining which is why it can be hit or miss based on attention span and how well they engage with it.

The Star Jar will grab your child’s attention straight away and they’ll feel proud seeing it fill up visually. It’s nice and simple for them to understand.

Yes! The Star Jar has been carefully designed with a large, easy opening for little fingers. Great for practicing fine motor skills!

The great thing about the Star Jar and it’s stars is that they are full acrylic. You can use a whiteboard marker to add notes/chores/pictures to the stars and they just wipe off when you need to change it up. Get creative!

It actually IS working. All kids will enjoy the extra novelty of the star jar for the first few days. If their interest is decreasing, try to be a bit more liberal with the stars, give them surprise stars and praise them. It’s about keeping it consistent. If they’re still not interested, you might need to offer a better reward for completing the jar.

The idea behind the star jar is to acknowledge good/desirable behaviour, not to punish. So while it’s completely up to you, we would suggest keeping all stars earned inside the jar until they reach their star jar prize. It can serve as a visual reminder (for both you and your little one) of how well they were behaving and earning stars before today.

It’s absolutely normal for siblings to compare the stars in their jars. Try not to get discouraged. Instead, explain that they can earn more stars just by doing some of the things you’ve previously set as star earning actions. Give examples of what they could do to earn one quickly to encourage them.

Yes! That’s exactly why you need to keep using the star jar. There are days when you just won’t be able to see any “star worthy” behaviour. That’s OK! To get them going again just look out for ANY tiny opportunity to reward a star. You just need to get the momentum moving again.

Yes – while it’s not a remedy for misbehaving kids, the Star Jar can definitely help by keeping YOU focused on their good behaviour rather than bad. It can change the dynamic of your relationship and the way you approach things. Make a point of committing to the process – keep an eye out for good behaviour, set your kids up for success, don’t give up, be consistent.

Find a place that is clearly visible and preferably in the room where you all spend the most time. Lounge Rooms or Kitchens are often the best.

The idea of the Star Jar is to acknowledge and reward good behaviour after the fact rather than offering them a bribe to behave a certain way before they’ve done it. It’s a way of telling your little ones that you’re paying attention to them and noticed their positive behaviour.

It’s up to you, it could be when they reach the ribbon, it could be when they reach the top or it could even be when they have a certain number of stars total. Go with what works for your family.

Yes, you can. You can use whiteboard markers to write on the stars or jar and you’ll be able to wipe off and reuse as necessary.

You can having it standing on the clear stand that comes with it or you could use the hanging holes to hang it up on the wall or door handles. You could also lie it down on the table, use strong double sided tape or even strong magnets. But try to make sure it’s somewhere your little one can see it all the time for maximum impact.

Like with any acrylic, they will withstand a quite bit of bumping around but the jar may crack when dropped from a height or stepped on.

No, they are made from high quality acrylic so they will withstand dropping.

The Star Jar and stars are full acrylic, not painted wood so you can simply wash and wipe the jar. It’ll be like new.

The jar is held together with screws so all you need to do is unscrew and you can remove the stuck item. You just simply reassemble and screw the jar back together and it’s ready to go again.

We are currently looking into limited edition stars and other shapes. If you have a request, please feel free to email them through!