What Prize Should I Choose?

If you’re wondering why our Star Jar reward system works so well, it’s because its advantages are two-fold.

On one hand, it encourages positive recognition of good behaviour which they can feel (by holding the stars), see (the colourful stars) and hear (both your praise and also the “ping” of the stars dropping into the jar).

On the other hand, there’s a prize that they really want and can get as long as they keep working towards it. Plus, they can monitor their progress by seeing the stars build up.

Talk with your little one to see what they would be most excited about getting. It could be anything that you’re also willing to give or spend time doing. But make sure it’s something they are REALLY keen on.

For example, in our family, the prizes have ranged from LOL dolls to special ice cream desserts to rainbow ribbons to going fishing! The possibilities are endless 🙂

We also place the prize in view when possible so they are reminded of what they’re working up to. Yes, we have days there are no stars but most days there are several stars.

Keep it positive and keep an eye out for opportunities to reward them with a star. They will remain interested and you’ll find that over a period of time they will start looking for ways themselves to be rewarded for “star-worthy” behaviour.

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